Who Is Behind Zieher Glassware?

At Smith and Hubble, we were beyond excited to introduce the Zieher Vision Collection into the Australian retail market. The Collection is a favourite amongst the Smith & Hubble team for its breath-taking aesthetics, unique shapes, and captivating design story. We wanted to share the story behind how the Zieher Vision Collection glasses came to be.

Zieher the Brand

The German brand Zieher is known for its extravagant buffet and tabletop designs that are found in star-studded restaurants and hotels around the globe. The brand embodies innovative design with trendsetting products highly regarded by its target audiences (executive floor, suites, and lounges). Zieher is driven by emotional and appealing design, focusing on quality craftsmanship.

In 2015, in collaboration with leading Sommelier Silvio Nitzsche, Zieher developed the Vision Collection. Since then, the Collection has become a talking point for wine enthusiasts across the world and has impressively received a fair few design awards along the way. Today the Collection features six Zieher wine glasses, including Balanced, Intense, Fresh, Straight, Rich and Nostalgic. As well as decanters Pebble, Star, Eddy and Doppio.

Zieher Vision Collection

The Story Behind the Concept

Zieher wanted to reinvent the typically tulip-shaped wine glass design that has existed since the first goblets of ancient Greece. As described by Silvio Nitzsche, wine glasses are usually focused on transporting the aroma and taste of wine while neglecting the most dominant of the five senses, the visual impression. Wine drinkers demonstrate the importance of this sense by suspending their wine-filled glasses over white paper or holding them against the light to maximise the amount of visual information they receive from the wine.

The visual impression's importance has driven the Zieher Collection's design. The Vision collection is assured to deliver a flawless, elegant, and captivating design, as well as a distinct aesthetic perception. The glasses also allow for maximal aroma and optimal wine development.

"However, it is particularly the fascination of the light, the colours, the refraction and the visual depth that make it impossible to tear your eyes away from the glass, because: You have never seen wine like this!" - Silvio Nitzsche.

Zieher Vision Decanter

The Vision of Simplicity

Over the last few years, we have seen wine glass manufacturers overcomplicate the market, with an explosion of wine glasses to suit specific varieties. Even seasoned wine professionals are taken aback when confronted with a bewildering array of wine glasses.

It is Silvio's belief that the glass should not interfere with the enjoyment of the wine.

"The vision is to innovate glasses, make the use thereof simple, intuitively tangible and comprehensible for every wine enthusiast."


With Zieher glasses, simplicity and enjoyment are at the design's core. You instinctively reach for the glass that best reveals the wine's flavours that you wish to highlight. No distinction is made between red wine glasses or white wine glasses. Instead, the wine glasses are named for the appropriate style and mood. If you are after a harmonious wine, choose the Zieher Balanced glass. Looking for crispness, choose the Zieher Fresh glass, or for power, choose the Zieher Intense glass.

"The Vision series provides perfect wine enjoyment: intuitive, uncomplicated and always in accordance with your own desires." - Silvio Nitzsche

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