Culinary Combinations to Pair With Champagne

Enjoying food with champagne is one of the ultimate indulgences. At Smith and Hubble, we believe champagne isn't just for celebratory occasions but also for elevating ordinary moments. Often the simplest food combinations with champagne are the most memorable. We have collated some of our favourite options for you to try.

A cheeseboard with champagne is a classic combination to delight the senses. The acidity from the champagne interacts nicely with rich and creamy cheeses such as brie and camembert. We recommend using the Lehmann Grande Champagne 45cl for its tulip shape to develop aroma and preserve bubbles. The delicate bubbles in Champagne pair beautifully with the creamy texture of the cheese. The Ultralight champagne glass is the perfect vessel to experience this culinary combination.


A pair of Lehmann wine glasses next to some grapes.

Smoked Salmon
When smoked salmon meets champagne, a mouth-watering combination of tastes will leave you wanting more. Old vintage champagne and smoked salmon are harmonious parings, as the intensity of both these foods is an excellent match. To enjoy this strength of flavour, we recommend the Zieher Vision Balanced glass. This crystal glassware is designed for a complete aromatic experience and is ideal for Old Vintage Champagne.

Truffled Popcorn
Champagne and popcorn are a fun way to touch up your next movie night. Make it even more luxurious with the addition of truffle salt. Salt is excellent in enhancing the flavours of different wines, while the truffle flavour is a heavenly indulgence. Spoil yourself further with our best champagne glasses. We suggest the Lehmann N°3 50cl Ultralight Handmade glass or the Lehmann Psyche 56cl Ultralight glass for this exciting combination.

Champagne and fruit is another classic pairing that should not be overlooked. The fruity flavours combined with the right amount of acidity and sweetness make this an exquisite match. Why not try a fruit platter with a light and lively champagne for an easy yet sophisticated brunch at home. Our favourite options are strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, but any fruit works well! The Zieher Vision Fresh glasses are an excellent choice to accompany this pairing. You will be delighted by how the wine expresses a refreshing and lively character when using the Zieher Vision Fresh glass.

A pair of Zieher Vision Fresh wine glasses surrounded by grapes and wine corks.

Fried Chicken
Combine elegance with ultimate comfort with this unexpected pairing! Something about the salty, crunchy goodness of the chicken and the champagne's refreshing acidity makes a delectable combination. This is a naturally contrasting pairing where the champagne cuts through the grease of the fried chicken and cleanses your palate for the next mouthful. Wine experts strongly recommend you give this one a try, and we agree.

Whatever your favourite indulgence is, try it with champagne in one of our glasses to elevate your experience. Let us know what your favourite pairing is!

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