Rediscover wine with the Zieher Vision range

Forget about red and white wine glasses! The Zieher Vision series is revolutionising the way we drink wine.

Choosing a luxury wine glass can elevate the wine tasting experience. Many large wine manufacturers, such as Riedel, have an abundance of wine glasses to suit each varietal. Every year additional varietals and glasses are released, to the point where even professionals are left astounded with the vast selection. When we are too concerned about selecting the 'correct glass', the enjoyment is taken from wine.

And why should someone hem you in with a wine glass to limit your experience?

With the Zieher Vision series, we are asked to rethink what we have been told about wine glasses and instead trust ourselves. Silvio Nitzsche and Zieher wanted to create a wine glass series where enjoyment and simplicity are at the core of the design. They wanted to create a series where the wine glass works for you, rather than you for the glass or for the wine. As Silvio describes, "Regulations and limits are overcome, and the enjoyment of wine is redefined."

With Zieher Vision, four key glasses can be enjoyed across all wines, whether red, white, or sparkling. Rather than matching wine to a specific glass, you instinctively select the glass which best suits the flavours of the wine you wish to accentuate. Wine drinking becomes intuitive, uncomplicated, and playful.

Zieher Vision Wine Glass Guide

You may be sceptical when glassware brands claim that glasses influence the flavours and aromas of wine. However, the Zieher Vision range is highly regarded as a standout collection. Check out some of these reviews:  

"Wine glasses from Zieher stand for absolute top quality. In my whole career as a wine blogger, I have never found glasses which accentuate the flavours like Vision does. My absolute recommendation!" Laurens Mauquoi, Germany

"Glass artworks- The aromas can unfold much better, many manufacturers attribute taste-promoting properties of this kind to their glasses – but they are actually noticeable in the Zieher chalices." The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"With their Vision series, Zieher managed to design innovative wine glasses, which lift wine tasting to a completely new level." Daniel Bayer, Germany 

To see more reviews, visit the Zieher website here.


At Smith & Hubble, we love tasting sessions where one wine is used in all four glasses: Straight, Fresh, Balanced, and Intense. Our guests are always impressed by the different tastes and aromas each glass presents. We recommend you try this yourselves by selecting at least two of the glasses in the collection. This way you can explore and accentuate the various flavours of wine.

With Zieher Vision glasses, the same wine can cater to different tastes. If you prefer powerful and impressive flavours, while your partner or friend enjoys smooth, elegant, and breathable wines, simply enjoy the same wine with the use of the Intense glass and the Balanced glass.

Zieher has excelled in creating a series that is accessible and enjoyable for both wine experts and beginners. You can discover, grow, and explore your unique preferences. Zieher Vision provides the wine glasses to open the door to endless tasting possibilities. 

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