Introducing exquisite kitchenware from around the world, showcasing innovative design and durability.

At Smith and Hubble, we have quality kitchenware from all over the world. From perfectly honed French knives ideal for preparing your finest meals to Italian-made copper cookware perfect for cooking for everyone, our products are at home in any entertainer’s kitchen. Experience delicious flavours while you host your guests with Smith and Hubble’s finest.

Cook to perfection with pots, saucepans, knives and frypans all made from the finest materials around the globe.

We want you to create memories with the Deglon Dama 67 knives or the Mepra Stile Cookware collection as you host your finest dinner parties. Selected with the utmost care, Smith and Hubble’s latest kitchenware is made for desire. Connoisseurs leave their mark. So do we.


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