Claude Dozorme Damascus Blade & Mammoth Molar Pocket Knife

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A collector's item made from prestigious and exceptionally rare materials. 


The traditional Laguiole pocket knife is revisited to become a real jewel with its Damascus blade and mammoth molar handle.

Mammoths have been extremely well preserved in ice, in Siberia and Alaska. With the melting of the ice, the bones, teeth, and tusks are released. The enamel layers ensure the products are extremely strong and durable. During a long stay underground, certain minerals are absorbed that may colour the tusks. The blue colour is a result of millennial infiltrations of copper oxides.

  • 100% made in France
  • Damask blade with 120 layers
  • Deep and visible damask pattern
  • Manual guilloche decoration of plates and the spring file
  • Sides fitted with round nails
  • Delivered in an oak presentation box 

Handmade items may have subtle differences in shape, size, shades, patterns, and colour mix.

Care Instructions

Not dishwasher safe. Softly wash the blade and dry immediately. Never leave the items in water.

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