Tettau Saphir Diamant Mezquita Sugar Bowl

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1 piece

Elegant porcelain from the oldest porcelain factory in Bavaria.  Made in Germany. 


With the Saphir Diamant collection, Königlich Tettau presents fine tableware with soft, flowing shapes. The diamond rating guarantees a cream-colored porcelain that combines the fineness and translucency of soft-paste porcelain and the impact resistance and glaze hardness of traditional hard-paste porcelain. The Saphir Diamant range is particularly thin and translucent - a quality level that can only be achieved with particularly careful craftsmanship. 

The Mezquita decor draws a filigree, graphic pattern in gold that is stylistically inspired by Moorish elements. We love the extremely intricate design that exudes decadence. The Mezquita collection is ideal for all your festive occasions.  

Contents 0.22 L  

Diameter 9.4cm 

Height 12.2cm 

Care Instructions

Dishwasher safe

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