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Toyo Sasaki Kin Hari Sake Carafe

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Gold leaf Edo Glass Carafe for Sake. Inspired by the earth & and sky. 


An Edo Glass Carafe to match our beautiful sake sets. Edo Glass is a traditional craftwork unique to Tokyo. Each Carafe is handmade in Japan by certified craftmasters and comes carefully packaged in a wooden box with a ‘Mark of Tradition’ label.

The Carafe makes a perfect gift for Sake enthusiasts when paired with our Kin Hari cup sets. We love the history behind this stunning piece and the way the golden leaves glimmer in the light is completely mesmerising!

Details: Handmade in Japan, Mark of Tradition Label, 24 carat gold foils

Specifications: 320ml Sake carafe

Handmade items may have subtle differences in shape, size, volume, shades, and colour mix.

Care Instructions

Handwash only. Do not use in dishwasher or microwave.

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